About Me
I love to travel and spend as much time in nature as possible. Some of my favorite places to be are: forest trails, jungles, beaches/ocean and anywhere else with a dense population of wildlife. I currently live with my husband and two kids in Ontario Canada, but our permanent home is on beautiful Vancouver Island where we will be spending the winters. 

About My work
I take a lot of pride in my work and really aim to create things that are visually pleasing. My ultimate goal when creating anything, from a logo, to a commissioned piece of art is creating something that I can be proud of, as well as something my clients will love. I have no problems with constructive criticism, and love when clients are really clear about their wants and needs from the start (sketches are always appreciated), however, creative freedom (to some degree) is also an essential ingredient in my creative process.

Stuff others say...
Shadi’s work is mostly abstract with a hint of surrealism. The subjects and elements she chooses  seem somehow unexpected and un-ordinary, like something from a dream. Each of her paintings is highly original and yet oddly familiar.

Shadi is a professional graphic designer by day, which her work reflects - but isn’t inhibited by. She has a great sense of composition, and knows how to manipulate people’s eye movements through flowing lines, placement and direction of the subject.

She’s not afraid to experiment with colour combinations that are bold and different, or break the rules of complimentary colours.